Friday, June 02, 2006

[Kings] Bobby Jackson: I won't be back in Memphis

And I heard one of your old team has a glaring hole in the backup point guard position...

Bobby Jackson was a guest today with Grant Napear. Below are some highlights:

Jackson was not happy with the minutes he got while playing for Memphis. He said he wasn't used correctly.

Jackson on his free agent status: "Yeah, I won't be back there (Memphis)."

"He (Coach Mike Fratello) didn't like the way I played and I didn't like the way he coached."

Jackson on being coached and his experience at Memphis: "I can understand what Bonzi went through. I thought it was Bonzi when I first got there."

"You can't play your game when you have to look over your shoulder every time. I just kept my mouth shut and played hard."

On Musselman and his endorsement: "I think he's a good coach. We didn't really get to talk much. He's a good qualified coach. He has an up temp style of play, an up and down pace." Also felt Musselman was held back by Fratello.

He will be at the Monarchs game coming up for breast cancer awareness.

His basketball camp will be June 19-23

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