Tuesday, March 10, 2009


When a bomb falling onto a shit hole, with the deafening crescendo,
every maggot is ripped out, wriggling in awe, screaming, and pointing
finger at each other.

This is Taiwan, my inseparable homeland.

This so-called "national pastime" and its environment is rooted in
an unholy ground. It sucked in 1968, it sucked in 1984, it sucked in
1992, and it sucked in 2009.

The majority of people here either are too naive to see it or too
sophisticated not to manipulate it for their own merit.

Either way, the collective excitement and anger toward baseball has
been so hopelessly cheap, that I do not even disdain to shed a tear.
The only proper act is a sardonic laugh.

You are not going to understand the system until you are into THE
system. And you will not care about everything, including the system
itself, after you are into it. All you are trying to do, then,
is to survive.

Being an unwanted, unwelcomed survivor, the only thing I am able to do,
is to keep the eyes open and witness it get even worse, before, if
very fortunately, it has any chance to get better.

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