Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Celtics] No. 17

Surprisingly, grown up I was never a Celtics fan. Far away from it. In contrary to the ultimately dominant Celtics led by Larry, I appreciated the 76ers and Rockets much more, which was resemble to my character to always root for the underdogs, in the 80s' during my childhood while I could only watched recorded NBA game weekly. In the 90's like everyone I was a Michael's fan. Then it's my lifelong relationship with the Kings starting from 1999. The support to Celtics more came from that of Redsox and my friendship with vantora.

The affection toward this No.17 team gradually grew during the season. You can tell the team spirit is always there and they bond with each other tighter and tighter during tough stretches. Eventually, they merged into one incredible Hulk.

Today they gave me a great deal of jubilance by trouncing the Lakers out of this universe. When was the last time you see a team led by Phil Jackson received such an ass-whooping in a NBA Final's game?

I think comparing to any other identities (even Kings' fan included), I am just more favoured to be an anti-Lakers fan. And this gives me a very strong reason to keep watching Celtics' game, as they are the most successful team in this league to defeat Lakers, some times in a totally dominant way like today.

Cherishing every moment as you should. For once, "Beat L.A." is executed in resounding fashion.

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