Thursday, May 11, 2006

[Kings] Shame on you, Maloofs

To say I was disappointed by their attitude to Mr. Adelman is a huge understatement. It's not the decision of not bring him back (since I am more on the side of changing for the better until recently), but the process in doing so that really hurts.

They never dared to inform Adelman about their decision (which has made long ago, it seems) face-to-face, Joe Maloof even didn't dare to tell Adelman that he will get dismissed this Monday on the phone. Instead, they asked Petrie, the best friend and the one that recommended Adelman for the head coach job 8 years ago, to be the messenger.

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised about the lack of class and respect by the Maloofs after seeing all their moves in recent years, especially in contacting with Phil Jackson and trading Peja. But there was little reason to have sympathy for Peja, since it's him who announced he wanted to be traded way back in the summer of 2003. In a sense, Peja just got what he wished for.

But Adelman? This is the lame-duck coach yet still led his team to fight till the last moment. And look what he got.

Their comments of blaming Adelman is not a good enough coach in stressing defense now looks more like a shot at Petrie, since he was the guy that brought Adelman here, and is the guy who is most responsible in bringing all those offensive-mind players (Artest excluded) here for the coach in last 8 years.

When the Maloofs gave full financial support to Petrie, Adelman coached the team to the west finals in 2002, and this team became the BEST team league-wide in defensive FG% during the 2002-03 season, and was the BEST team in the playoffs, until Chris Webber blew his knees.

Then, the Maloofs began to tighten their budget, this team lost the defensive-mind players like Jimmy Jackson and Keon Clark, and they never were able to hold a strong bench again until this season, when 2 youngsters selected by Petrie started to shine. Adelman forced to shorten his rotations in such circumstances, and he began to be criticized by the fans about his reluctant to use bench players, and the poor team defense.

It will be one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) mistakes in the franchise history if they really force Petrie out in the near future. While there might have less than 5 coach candidates out there who could do better (and satisfy the bosses) in this situation, I can bet there's none out there that could lead this team like Geoff. But I guess maybe the brothers really think they are capable of ride the monster after watching the master did this for the past 8 years.

In the history of this league, it NEVER ends up pretty when the boss trying to overrule the professional guys and manipulate the team, like Harold Katz of the Sixers in the 80's and Jerry Buss of the Lakers in 2003. I just hope the 2006 Kings are not the next one.

Now I wouldn't be surprised if Geoff suddenly resigned from the current position in any moment if he couldn't take it anymore eventually, and I think he is actually the guy that hurts the most in this all fiasco.

And one point. I bet the Maloofs were feeling kind of relieved while the Kings finally got kicked out by the almighty Spurs, or it could be hard to make the decision. And that really makes me feel sick.

追求Phil Jackson事件真的是很難看


How to relocate your team to vegas
1) When peja is the problem ship out webber instead.
2) take a gamble on artest for peja hoping for a bad incident/ and missing the play offs
3) when that doesn't work, and your team over achieves, fire the coach and replace him with someone who won't win you 35 games
4) make a few more 'salaray cap' trade moves
5) with sacramento not supporting their losing team, move em on over to Vegas!

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