Thursday, February 09, 2006

[NBA] NBA introduces video-on-demand in China


The deal was signed between the NBA (National Basketball Association)-China and the nation's fledgling broadband live sports provider NuSports, said Mark Fischer, general manager of NBA-China.

"This is a breakthrough agreement for us in the new media realm where video-streaming and other technologies are constantly improving," Fischer said on Thursday.

NBA fans in China will now have access to 42 live webcasts and VOD of games from the current season and upcoming playoffs through the NuSports website,

The live basketball games will be called in Mandarin by experienced broadcasters and will remain on the site for 24 hours for fans to view.

Financial terms of the deal, to last through the 2005-06 season, were not disclosed.


The NBA currently broadcasts four live games a week nationally via state broadcaster China Central Television, while viewers in some parts of China can watch up to seven games a week via 21 provincial television stations, he added.

"We have up to 38 million viewers who watch at least one NBA game in China per week (on free television)," Fischer said.

"In the 15-24 year age group, our main market, basketball is the number one sport of 81 percent of the kids and 58 percent say they watch one NBA game a week," he said.

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