Friday, February 10, 2006

[Misc.] Russia’s Abramovich Buys Gigayacht, Most Expensive eBay Item for $170m

Mosnews :

A press release issued Wednesday claims Fort Lauderdale based 4Yacht has sold a 405-foot steel megayacht on eBay, believed to be the most expensive item ever sold on the Internet auction site, to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

he currently yet unbuilt yacht is so big, it is actually a “Gigayacht”, the press release adds.
The yacht is announced as a “stunning new Frank Mulder Design Gigayacht” with a “luxury office area, salon, cinema room, fitness room, and two person cabins for children, personal assistant, or bodyguards”.

Below an artist’s impression of the yacht, there is some bold, capitalized rubric: “This auction is for a deposit of 50% of the purchase price of $168,000,000.00 total. Custom build. Delivery in 2007.” The Wednesday’s press release claims the project was sold for the “Buy now” price of $85,000,000, but 4Yacht has put the finished value at 140 million euros ($170 million) minimum.

The release then brings in Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s name into the mix, added, speculating the Chelsea owner could be a likely buyer — he’s apparently on the hunt for a 100-meter plus yacht to add to his collection of the Pelorus, the Ecstasea and Le Grand Bleu especially as “the project’s distinct resemblance to the Pelorus would be likely to have appealed” to the oligarch.


Asked about selling megayachts via eBay, Craig Timm, President of 4Yacht Inc, said “We run a strong advertising schedule and believe in the power of eBay as an additional marketing tool. We are truly in a global market, and what better way to let our potential customers know about such a unique offering?”

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This is the kind of boats that we all should have right! =)
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