Thursday, December 22, 2005

[NBA] It's not WWE here, Darrell

Dallas guard Darrell Armstrong was asked to address the home crowd before the Mavericks' game against Minnesota on Sunday. After Armstrong thanked the fans for coming and wished them a happy holidays, he yelled into the mike, "How 'bout them Redskins?"

Earlier in the day, Armstrong's favorite NFL team had blasted Dallas' beloved Cowboys 35-7.

Mavs coach Avery Johnson fined Armstrong $1,000 for the comment.

From the Dallas Morning News

A smattering of boos was mixed with laughter as most people took the diehard Redskins fan's comments with a grain of salt.

On Monday, teammates were often yelling, "how about those Redskins?" at Armstrong during and after practice.

But Armstrong said he has no hard feelings for getting fined $1,000 by the club for his comment.

"I know Bill Parcells is madder at his players than the fans are mad at me," Armstrong said. "The looks he was giving his players – if looks could kill, I declare he would have killed a couple people yesterday."

Armstrong also said he was willing to help the Cowboys.

"I don't know what's wrong with your punters and kickers around here," he said. "I'm the best kicker in Dallas. If Bill Parcells is looking for a field-goal kicker, tell him to come on down the way."

Armstrong, who was a kicker at Division II Fayetteville State, lists former Redskins kicker Mark Moseley as his favorite football player. After volunteering to kick for Parcells, Armstrong recanted.

"That's in my will," he said. "I can't play for them. I'm sorry."

From the Star-Telegram:

"I hope everybody has a safe holiday season," Armstrong said. "And how 'bout them Redskins?"

That announcement by Armstrong, a devout Redskins fan, was met by a chorus of boos, because the Redskins beat the Cowboys 35-7 on Sunday.

"You don't do that," Mavs owner Mark Cuban said. "We love the Cowboys."

Coach Avery Johnson opened his postgame comments discussing the fine.

"Darrell Armstrong got heavily fined for his comments before the game," Johnson said. "We were all glued to the TV because we wanted our friends from the Cowboys to win, and we were all disappointed.

"We're going to call over to our friends at the Cowboys and find out where they want us to donate the money."

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