Friday, December 02, 2005

[Music] My Desert Island Records (3) - Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Suite (Conducted by Herbert Von Karajan & the Berliner Philharmoniker)

Tchaikovsky: Roman & Juliet, The Nutcracker Suite (Conducted by Herbert Von Karajan & the Berliner Philharmoniker) (Deutsche Grammophon, 1994)

What more can you say about this? It’s simply the most beautiful romantic music by one of the most precise and romantic (conflicting but surprisingly fit for him) composer in the history to date.

There is nothing short of spectacular in the whole selection of tunes, as Tchaikovsky put a masterful effort in fully utilizing his talent, depicting a vivid and magnificent world not only for the kids, but also everyone youth at heart. Despite its extremely popular status in the past century, many of its tunes never faded even after listening numerous times.

The interpretation of Karajan often drew criticism from listeners who pursuit original and objective views of music, however its direction of utmost exquisite string and splendid wind sounds worked just perfect for my inexperienced ears when I was a teenager.

Till today, this suite is still able to stir up so many memories out of me while listening. For me, the final tune “The Waltz for Flowers” is not only the impression of little prince and princess happily dancing around; it’s also the sweetest and sincerest proposal man can even deliver to his “Beatrice”.

Hopefully, one day there’s a princess giving me the chance.

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