Wednesday, November 30, 2005

[Music] My Desert Island Records (2) – Fabric 01: Craig Richards

Fabric 01: Craig Richards (Fabric, 2001)

What defines an excellent mix album? And what is the most important factor in assembling an excellent mix album?

Is an excellent mix album necessary to contain all the “can’t miss” latest smash hits? Or does it have to build toward specified climax moments for listeners to fall in ecstatic state at last?

I began listening to electronic music long time ago because it has the vibes, emotions and impulsions I couldn’t receive and release through any other methods. The initial motivation still remains true for me as of today despite the drastic changes of my tastes during years, as the search continues for a precise display for my inner voice and rhythm.

In this album, I found my perfect harmony in a small universe.

It has a somewhat intriguing but maybe not seducing enough (to some) opening in Gemini’s “At that Cafe”, the tempo moves along to the 1st turning point in Antonelli Electr.’s “Dubby Disco”; it keep going to 2 brilliant tracks from Russia underground house group SCSI-9’s “Cozmoport” & “Cologne”, then another turning point came in Bushwacka!’s ”Bluntski”. From this point on, the tone gets lower and darker and more underground all the way to the mysterious finish in Schatrax’s “Mispent Years”, this outstanding tune also has made its appearance in other different mix albums, including Tiga’s “DJ Kicks”.

The most amazing fact after the journey is that you probably won’t sense all the changes of tracks during playing, as they just organized into a huge crystallization and cruising through like a fine-tuned sports car running soundly and smoothly in a warm night. This is a very un-danceable dance mix album actually, as you won’t hear any deafening drum beats or shrill sound effects, there also lacks the apparent climax point during the whole run, however every single clip just clicks itself and moving toward exactly the same direction.

Craig Richards has been a barber, designer, visual artist and DJ, and he probably is best known for his “Tyrant” DJ show in nightclubs including Fabric, one of the most progressive clubs in London; however, in my humble opinion, this album is not only is his best work so far – even his later mix productions couldn’t reach its excellent inner-perfection status – but also one of the greatest mix album ever to date, even if it might only for some introvert or sensitive ears like me.

A truly masterpiece.

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