Friday, August 26, 2005

[Kings] Songaila could soon join Bulls

繼 Evans 之後,另一位受限制的自由球員大前鋒 Darius Songaila 應該很快也會離開球隊。

美國時間星期四星期五的 Daily Herald 都報導了 Songaila 前往芝加哥接受招待的消息,而星期五的 Daily Herald 更報導,根據數個消息來源指出,國王將不會 match 公牛即將對 Songaila 提出,一紙約在 1.7~2.2 M 左右起薪的複數年合約 offer sheet。

不過公牛目前也在尋找三方交易的可能性,將球隊當中的射手 Eric Piatkowski 送到具有薪資空間或擁有交易餘額(Trade Exception)的球隊,如此他們將能給 Songaila 一紙起薪最多達到 3.85 M 的合約,而國王將在這個三方交易當中得到選秀權。

The Bulls could sign Songaila to an offer sheet using their remaining salary-cap exception (worth either $1.7 million or $2.2 million) but may spend a few more days trying to orchestrate a three-team deal that would allow them to pay Songaila a higher salary.

In theory, the Bulls could send shooting guard Eric Piatkowski to a team with salary-cap room or a trade exception.

Sacramento would get a draft pick in the deal and the Bulls could pay Songaila a starting salary of up to $3.85 million. The chances of that happening, however, may be remote.

和 Evans 的情況不同,國王最多可以以聯盟球員平均薪水(約 5 M)的起薪簽回具有早鳥(Early-Bird Exception)資格的 Songaila;但在球隊老闆 Maloof 兄弟明確表示,不願意在球隊薪資總額已達豪華稅門檻 61.7M 之後再花大錢的情況下,星期四的 Sacbee 當中,Petrie 已經表示下個球季球隊很有可能將只以十三人的陣容應戰,而不填補新版議價協定當中特別允許的第十四和第十五人,以控制薪資總額。而這段言論也相當有可能代表除了交易之外,球隊今年夏天將不會再有任何大動作。

According to Petrie, the Abdur-Rahim signing put the Kings' budgeted payroll for 13 players over the salary cap - including a slot for one who has yet to be signed. Considering co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof have made their desire to avoid luxury tax spending clear, the next addition will be the last and, most likely, not one of major consequence. Barring a trade, the new-look Kings are virtually in place.

"It's unlikely that we would keep a 14th or 15th guy that we would pay tax on," Petrie said. "There's still a lot of players out there. There'll be a lot of players in training camp who will be waived, and there will still be players available then. But the roster we have at the moment, the way it's comprised, are the guys who will play all the minutes.

"It's unpredictable. Sitting where I'm sitting today, I don't think I feel any rush to fill (the 13th spot), but that could change tomorrow."

這可能會是繼 Jim Jackson 之後,球隊近年來第二次因為數百萬的豪華稅支出,失去一位重要的板凳球員。(同時可以參考 Bulls Blog 對於 Songaila 的數據分析)

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