Saturday, August 13, 2005

[Kings] SAR signed 5-year, $29.3 million deal with Kings

根據 Sacbee 美國時間週五晚上的最新報導,SAR 和球隊確定簽下的是一紙全額中產階級條款 (5M) 起薪的五年長度合約,而非剛簽約時 AP 曾推測的一年合約。

報導當中提到,球隊特別在週四對於 SAR 的膝蓋進行了檢驗,其中包括了數次的核磁共振檢驗 (MRI)。結果顯示 SAR 除了十五歲時右膝動過內窺鏡手術之後留下的骨刺之外,沒有任何立即並可見的傷病危機。

When it came official, the Kings and their new player, who made $14.6 million last year alone, agreed to a five-year, $29.3 million contract. The Kings, who are over the salary cap, used their mid-level exception to add the one-time All-Star, with the first year worth $5 million and 8 percent increases every year thereafter. This deal was nothing like the 6-year, $38 million he lost out on with New Jersey, or the 5-year, $47 million contract he turned down from Milwaukee in the early summer. Then again, Abdur-Rahim said, it's not just about the money anymore.


The Kings doctors performed their own extensive medical checkup when Abdur-Rahim came to Sacramento on Thursday, including multiple MRIs. Goodwin said Abdur-Rahim has a bone spur in his right knee that's been there since he had arthroscopic surgery when he was 15, but there were no signs of imminent danger.

"It's like anybody if you go to the doctor and the doctor tells you your sick, you think, 'Well it's a doctor so he must know,'" said Abdur-Rahim, who has never missed time because of the knee. "But I'd always go back to the fact that I knew how I felt, I knew I hadn't hurt myself, I hadn't missed games. ... I'm just happy, I'm thankful, I'm grateful that this situation was here for me and I'm just ready to go."

The clincher, Goodwin said, was the Kings' confidence in Abdur-Rahim amid so much doubt.

"They easily could've said, 'What's wrong with your knee, maybe we'll bring you in, check you out, offer you a one or two year deal," Goodwin said. "They didn't. They immediately said, 'We know how good you are. ... We want you. Whether you want a one year deal or a five year deal, we want you. I think that meant a lot to him."

Kings president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie said the knee was a non-issue.

"He took an extensive physical here, and he passed," Petrie said. "We're comfortable with his future as a player and his productivity."

同時也請參考 AP 的更新報導,和官網的記者會談話紀錄。

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