Friday, August 12, 2005

[Kings] Sacbee: Kings, Abdur-Rahim moving closer to a deal

Edited: 美國時間週五出刊的 Sacbee 報導大致相同,但補充了 Petrie 的談話...

"We're definitely having positive discussions with him," he said. "I'm not inclined to say much more than that at this point in time."


"You don't know what the other team is thinking," he said. "You may think you see their situation, but they see it differently, you know. You've got to go with what your own instincts are, and do your own evaluation. And sometimes patience can pay off."

In this case, the likely payoff comes in the form of a 6-foot-9 player who would accomplish two of Petrie's goals: getting longer, and improving on the boards.

"He's a guy up front that has greater length and a pretty decent game on the block," Petrie said. "That's one of the areas where we wanted to improve. And he's been a consistently good ... rebounder. He's been very, very consistent over his career at doing that. We had interest (in July), and when this thing fell through, we had interest again."

美國時間週四下午的 Sacbee 報導,根據 SAR 的經紀人 Aaron Goodwin 表示,國王可能最快在明後天就會正式簽下 SAR。

Goodwin 刻意強調,一切還未塵埃落定(有了之前和籃網的例子),目前也還有三支球隊想爭取 SAR,但國王毫無疑問的是最有可能的球隊。

目 前還不確定 SAR 和國王是以自由球員的身分簽約,或是有先簽後換的可能性(儘管目前正在渡假的拓荒者總管 John Nash 一再強調他對於要換回球員合約的先簽後換沒有興趣),也不清楚合約的可能內容,但 Goodwin 特別表示 SAR 會和國王簽約,是以「籃球上的理由」(basketball reason)為主,而非因為可能的合約數字。

Barring a disaster like the one that made Shareef Abdur-Rahim available to begin with, the All-Star forward is about to become a King.

While his agent, Aaron Goodwin, said there are three teams still in the running, it's clear the Kings remain in front and a deal could be made soon.

"We're moving forward to get a deal done with Sacramento," Goodwin said. "We're looking at hopefully getting something done tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday."


Asked if Abdur-Rahim was more attracted to Sacramento for financial or basketball reasons, Goodwin answered quickly.

"It's absolutely for basketball reasons," Goodwin said. "He now walks into a position where he continues to play, and there are no questions about his ability to play. He can play with Mike Bibby, and he gives them a low-post presence."

Abdur-Rahim and Bibby played together for four years in Vancouver.

The terms of the potential contract have yet to be settled. The Kings, who are over the salary cap, could use their $5 million mid-level exception for the signing. They could also convince Portland General Manager John Nash to do a sign-and-trade, though Nash has been against the idea in the past.

另外,魔術隊今天正式以新版議價協定當中的 "amnesty rule" 揮棄前國王搖擺人 Doug Christie。小牛目前是他最有可能的下一個落腳處。

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