Wednesday, August 10, 2005

[Kings] Petrie: we have very, very, very serious interest in SAR

Yes, you heard it right. This quote, coming from the usually-calm and reticent Petrie, is published on the latest Sacbee report.

The other main point in the article is that Petrie stated "It's highly unlikely that this would be a sign-and-trade deal" in possible terms of acquiring SAR.

Abdur-Rahim's agent, Aaron Goodwin, said the Kings were willing to "do anything" to secure a deal with the one-time All-Star before he agreed in principle with New Jersey. The gesture was appreciated, and remembered, as was Abdur-Rahim's trip to Sacramento on which he was given the A-list tour in July.

"The beauty of the Kings was that, originally, they were willing to go out and do whatever they could to get Shareef," Goodwin said. "They discussed sign-and-trades with Portland, who didn't cooperate. (Still), we appreciated that fact. ...

"They are absolutely a serious team that we're looking at. ... I enjoy a great relationship with Sacramento's owners and know it's a situation where there's a need for (Abdur-Rahim's) style."


Kings president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie was optimistic about his team's prospects and, apparently, unconcerned about the physical issues.

"In light of the events of (Tuesday), and that Shareef is now a free agent, we have very, very, very serious interest in trying to work something out in the next couple of days," Petrie said. "It's highly unlikely that this would be a sign-and-trade deal."

A sign-and-trade would be possible only if Portland general manager John Nash were willing to cooperate. He was adamant last month he wanted no salaries in return but may have changed his mind after he couldn't secure the trade exception he covets. Such a deal would give Abdur-Rahim a larger contract over six years, rather than the maximum of five years he can sign for with a new team. Nash was on vacation and unavailable for comment.

The Kings also retain a $5 million midlevel exception that could be used to land the player who has averaged 19.8 points per game in his career.

According to Goodwin, the ordeal has left Abdur-Rahim eager to join a team like the Kings.

"It was disheartening to see him played as someone who has an injury, which he doesn't," said Goodwin, whose client made $14.6 million last season. "This is all based on what could happen five or six years from now."

In other news, Lakers will make Brian Grant the 2nd player in the league history who got waived by the "amnesty rule" .

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