Monday, August 15, 2005

[Kings] Charley Rosen's scouting report on newly acquired Kings

Charley Rosen appeared to be a jerk (it's NOT like he was not, though) lately (or it's just another boring tactics to draw the crowds by the always lame, but took out all those biased assumptions and projections, his views on certain players are quite worth the read.

Article 1

Bonzi Wells - Sacramento

Can do: Hit open shots. Score against any single defender. Run. Use left-shoulder turn for jumper in post. Spin out for lobs in post. Use down-screens to maximum advantage. Stop-and-pop going either way (prefers right). Run and finish. Rebound.

Can't do: Handle. Make sensible on-court decisions. Defend. Play a team game.

Must do: Learn how to play five-on-five basketball. Make shots on a consistent basis. Work and play well with others.

Jason Hart - Sacramento

Can do: Push the ball. Drive right. Hit wide-open mid-range jumpers. Drive and dish. Move quickly. Pressure the ball on defense.

Can't do: Create his own scoring opportunities, especially when going left. Shoot 3-balls. Make free throws.

Must do: Transport the ball safely into the attack zone. Initiate the offense. Make his open shots. Play adhesive defense.

Article 2

Shareef Abdur-Rahim — Sacramento

Can do: Run the floor on defense-to-offense transitions. Shoot accurately up to 19-feet. Drive right. Climb the offensive glass. Execute a right-to-left crossover dribble, then come back between his legs left-to-right for a drive or a pull-up. Post on left block with turnaround jumper toward baseline and right-handed jump hook toward middle. Spin right-to-left in paint. Utilize a convincing array of head fakes. Gamble for steals with quick hands. Attack entry pass when defending a post player.

Can't do: Play with power. Pass. Play solid, position defense. Make quick decisions with the ball.

Must do: Prove that he's more than merely an outstanding numbers man on sad-sack teams. Demonstrate that he can score without being the beneficiary of undue space and time. Be stronger in the paint than he's ever been. Get the glue off his fingers.

Jamal Sampson — Sacramento

Can do: Run. Jump. Attack offensive boards. Compete. Show quick feet and good hands. Play with NBA-caliber athleticism.

Can't do: Bang. Pass. Handle. Hit free throws. Figure out a way to score and to avoid foul trouble on defense.

Must do: Take advantage of his latest (and quite possibly his last) opportunity. Develop a go-to move in the pivot. Get stronger.

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