Wednesday, August 10, 2005

[Kings] The breakup between SAR and Nets

根據美國時間星期三的 Star-Ledger,籃網在 SAR 的膝蓋檢測報告亮起紅燈(至始至終,籃網總裁 Rod Thorn 都拒絕透露他們發現的 SAR 的膝蓋問題為何,專家檢測報告也從未對外公開過,儘管 SAR 的經紀人 Aaron Goodwin 曾表示他看過其中一份,當中並沒有顯示任何足以危及職業生涯的可能傷病),可能不值得球隊原先提出的合約數字之後,曾企圖說服他簽下一紙總長度 6 年,約莫在中產階級條款的 5 M 附近起薪,前 4 年保障約共 22.7 M 的合約,但被 SAR 拒絕。

When the Nets came back with a reduced contract offer -- a four-year deal valued at $22.7 million, with two more years at the team's option -- Abdur-Rahim never flinched. No, thanks, he said.


"He was a player we felt would fit in very well for us and provide us with something we needed," team president Rod Thorn said of Abdur-Rahim in a conference call last night. "When we made the deal, we were very happy with it, but something just appeared that we didn't have an idea about. We spent a lot of time discussing an alternative type deal. Nothing was ever able to be worked out, and it ended where it ended."

Abdur-Rahim was gracious about what has been a frustrating free-agent experience, which appeared to be a done deal last week, when the Nets planned an introductory news conference to announce his six-year, $38 million deal. But an MRI taken on his right knee raised several red flags, and consultation with four orthopedists convinced Thorn that the nine-year veteran couldn't pass the risk-reward test -- despite his enviable record for durability.

Unless he agreed to a four-year deal, that is. That, the Nets could stomach.

"I couldn't compromise to that point," Abdur-Rahim said last night. "There was no way I could take that deal and feel good about myself. At the end of the day, I really wanted to be in New Jersey, but I wasn't going to take that.

"If my health was truly an issue, they wouldn't have even offered a four-year deal. I have never even played in pain. If I was hurt or felt like I was slowing down, I'd compromise and take a four-year deal.

NY Post 則報導了籃網在研究專家對於 SAR 的膝蓋報告之後,曾向 SAR 提出了兩份合約提案:一份四年長度合約,其中前三年保障,和之前 Star-Ledger 所提到一樣的六年合約,還出動了 Jason Kidd 做為說客,但都被 SAR 拒絕。

Several sources indicated the Nets made two concession offers, but both were rejected: three guaranteed years with a fourth as a player option, then a six-year offer with four years guaranteed at $22.687 million. Sources said team members, including Jason Kidd, called Abdur-Rahim to see if he'd take a compromise, but he only wanted the original deal.


Sources said the Nets feared that Abdur-Rahim's knee could deteriorate and become arthritic from a high school injury, although he has endured nine seasons without problems. The Nets also were leery,having been burned by Alonzo Mourning's kidney ailment.

"You had to dispassionately and coldly look at it and answer the questions: What are the odds he's going to play? How many years is he going to play? What kind of chance are you taking? Because if it didn't work out and something happened in his first or second year, we'd be in a tough place," said Thorn.

NY Times 的報導則是大同小異。

對籃網來說,幸運的是他們很快找到了下一個交易的對象。他們利用原來企圖交易 SAR 的 TE 和一枚明年的二輪選秀權,和七六人交易來了硬漢中大前鋒 Marc Jackson 和一筆金錢。

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