Wednesday, July 27, 2005

[Kings] WHAT swIFt...

...this man wearing purple and black, and flying all over ARCO coming next season?

Other than the Hart trade news today, Sacbee finally published the soon-to-be-leaving Bobby Jackson interview.

But what's really intriguing in the interview is this part:
He grew a tad nervous last month when his agent, Andy Miller, relayed a rumor that Memphis was interested in a possible deal involving Grizzlies forward Stromile Swift. But according to Jackson, Swift didn't want to play in Sacramento, ending both the negotiations and, Jackson thought, his short stint as trade bait.

The Kings-Rox matchup next season should be fun...(...if Sacramento could find a tall, legitmate inside player first.)

Other than this, it's all full love and respect about this energized bunny. Just read this excerpt:

Despite the trade, Jackson has decided to hold on to his newly-purchased, two-acre home in Granite Bay while he and his wife shop for a house in Tennessee.

"I ain't gonna be like (former King Chris Webber) and sell everything (in Sacramento)," Jackson said. "The city has been good to me."

And he wants to keep a presence beyond billboards in the Sacramento community, from hosting basketball camps to continuing the charity events that, for some fans, made more of an impression than what Jackson did on the floor.

"It's going to be tough to leave all that stuff behind," Jackson said. "I've just got to move on to a new situation and make the best of it."

Take care, Bobby. You will be deeply missed.

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