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[Kings] Bobby Jackson KHTK Interview Transcript

Right after the trade. Coming from

A true class act.

TM: Alright, Sports 1140 KHTK. Monty Till Midnight, joined by Bobby Jackson. And Bobby, it’s hard to say, but you’re a former King, it looks like right now.

BJ: Yeah, there’s a lot of former Kings running around here right now.

TM: (Laughs)
Give me your reaction on going to Memphis for Bonzi Wells. It’s basically what the trade breaks down to. Obviously, Utah is involved with Greg Ostertag. But what are your thoughts on leaving Sacramento and heading to Memphis?

BJ: Well, I’m gonna miss Sacramento. I had 5 wonderful years there. The city and the organization have been nothing but wonderful to me, and I’m gonna miss it just like C-Webb said. It’s a place I’m gonna miss. We had a lot of great time there. We brought the franchise up and we did a lot of great things there, and you know, it’s a rebuilding process there. They’ll bring new guys in, and that’s a business. I can’t be mad at them about it. One thing I’ve gotta do is worry about my family and make sure I go out and play like the way I’m capable of playing so that I can do a lot for them.

TM: Were you surprised, Bobby that the Kings kind of broke this thing down as quickly as they did, obviously the Webber trade was the first big move. Were you surprised that they didn’t keep you guys together for one more run?

BJ: Well, no. They gave us a certain amount of time and if that time doesn’t come then you know, me and Webb, we’re in our thirties, and I guess when you get in your thirties, people start trading for you. But we’ve got a lot of good basketball left. I thought I was gonna be traded a long time ago, to be honest with you. When Webb got traded… It’s something you’ve gotta deal with as a basketball player. I’ve been traded before. The only bad thing is that I got traded by myself. I wasn’t married, I didn’t have my kids with me, so now it’s a whole new situation with taking on a whole new responsibility, and getting everybody moved and getting acclimated with Memphis.

TM: Sure. Does this open up a different door for you because I know your agent has gone on record saying that he wouldn’t have minded if the Kings hadn’t picked up your option, and I know you’ve talked a lot about how you feel that you’re a starter in this league and I would happen to agree with that. But does this is gotta be a new door opening for you in Memphis, I would think.

BJ: I hope so. I can’t wait to see how this how this pans out. Definitely, I feel like I have a lot of great basketball left in me. God has really blessed me, to comeback from all the injuries and for me to get back on the court. I’m happy, man. There’s nothing to be sad about. I’m still playing basketball. I still love the game. I’m just not in a city that I was a part of for five years. They’ve been wonderful to me. The fans are.. there’s no other fans like that, I don’t care where I go. You’re not gonna find any fans like Sacramento. The fans know it.

TM: Bobby Jackson joins us. Sports 1140 KHTK’s Monty Till Midnight. Bobby, you know, the injuries have been an issue with you for the last few years. Do you feel like you’re a durable player? Can you stay healthy for this a whole year, because this is a big year coming up for you contract wise.

BJ: You know, you never know. I can’t dictate that. Would I like to stay healthy? Yes. I’ve had a lot of freak injuries. The injuries I’ve had are freak injuries. You know, I have no control over that. I’m training, I’m working out, I’m staying in shape, I’m doing the best to get back on the court. And I am back on the court. I’m staying on the court right now and staying healthy. I play everyday, I lift everyday, I shoot everyday. I feel like I am a very durable guard. I feel like I am very durable. I can do anything that any other guard can do in the league. I just need that time to be on the court. Hopefully, if I don’t get hurt… you’ll see, you’ll see what I can do, Monty. You already know what I can do.

TM: Yup

BJ: When I’m healthy for a full season, my upside is tremendous, still.

TM: The thing I never understood Bobby here in Sacramento was, why you never… and I know you played a lot when you were healthy or whatever, but I never understood why you and Bibby were not on the floor more often. I thought it was a deadly combination. That really caused a lot of match-up problems.

BJ: Yeah. That’s not my decision to make. Coach… that’s his decision. Coaches have a tough job, just like referees have a tough job, general managers have a tough job. Everything you do is always microscoped. The time I had here with Mike on the court... we produced, we played well, but you, that’s something I can’t harp on. Now is the time for me to move and and finish my… hopefully finish my career wherever it may be. And just be happy and healthy.

TM: Is it tough to think Bobby, that maybe Memphis isn’t the last stop, because this is a contract year for you. Is it hard to think about moving to another city after Memphis?

BJ: It is, but it is the life of an NBA player. This is the life I chose for me and my family. And I know my family supports me in whatever decision I decide to make. I’m not gonna look farther than that and I’m not gonna look at Memphis and say ‘I’m not gonna be here’, because that’s not fair to them. It’s a thing where as much as they need me, I need them. I’m just gonna roll with it. I’ve never been one to say that I’m too good for Memphis. Do I like the trade? No, I don’t like it. Would Memphis be one of my first choices? No, it wouldn’t. But I’m a man, and that’s something I have to live with it.

TM: Absolutely.
It’s odd to say, but former King Bobby Jackson joins us on Sports 1140. Is this the biggest year of your career, because it’s clearly a transition year for you, it’s a contract year. Is this the biggest year of your career?

BJ: Yeah, because I’m getting older. Like you said, it’s my contract year. But the type of player I am, I’m never gonna be a selfish player and go for numbers. I wanna win, and if you win, that speaks for itself.

TM: Sure

BJ: Everybody knows what I can do. They know I can score, they know I can defend, they know I can win games. But we gotta win games and get to the playoffs and advance. If I get a chance to go out there on the court then I can show everybody what I can do.

TM: Have you talked to anybody in Memphis? Have you talked totalked to the team there at all? Have they told you anything about what your role is gonna be?

BJ: I talked to the coach today. He said they were working on some things. He said he really can’t promise me anything. He said ‘You’re the type of player they were looking for and you’re the type of player they want’.

TM: You know this has been, with all the things that have changed for you over the last few years, this has been a pretty difficult stretch for you, and I think that you have said it in the past, not just with the injuries, but with the situation with your mom, the injuries and the contract situation… Has this been a difficult couple of seasons for you?

BJ: It’s been extremely tough. I think by far, I’ve been through the most of all the NBA players… losing my mom, being hurt, trying to come back and play, and then getting traded. And then the team picking up my option, then trading me. That’s kinda frustrating. I feel like I’m a good guy. I wonder why things go this way sometimes, but I can only give it to god and and leave it in his hands. He’s blessed me so much. I never questioned anything he had in store for us.

TM: I’m with you on that, Bobby. Before I let you go Bobby, give me highlights of your Sacramento career. What are some of the things that really stand out for you.

BJ: Number one are the fans. Like I said, they’re the best fans, without a doubt. Number two was coming to Arco and being around my teammates, and seeing that camaraderie. We were close. And number three was making it to the Western Conference Finals.

TM: Yep. Those playoff battles, man, they really tend to bring you guys together.

BJ: If you noticed, I didn’t even mention the 6th Man Award.

TM: I know! And you beat me to it, Bobby.

BJ: You know, accolades and then that, doesn’t really matter to me. I just love to play the game, love it.

TM: You beat me to it because I was gonna say those playoff runs bring you together, but you won an individual award. And you were such a big part of those teams, and I was surprised to hear you not say the 6th Man of the Year Award, because that had to be such a great time for you.

BJ: It was a wonderful time. But it was also at the time when I lost my mom. It was the year that I lost my mom. That doesn’t equal to anything. That’s why it makes it so…

TM: Were you surprised Bobby the situation with Rick Adelaman and Phil Jackson and Peja last year saying that he thought he should be traded. Because you guys talked about chemistry, and you guys were close. Were you surprised that it kinda got pulled apart a little bit?

BJ: I was… you know, things happen for some odd reason. Like I said, you never know how people handle certain situations. Whatever it may be for Rick and Peja and all the things that happened with C-Webb and the bickering and stuff. I wouldn’t say bickering, but people speaking their minds. That’s why things happen. I can’t sit here and dictate why things happen. They happen for a reason. I can’t judge them.

TM: I, for one, Bobby am sorry to see you go. I think that you were never paid what you should have been paid here. I didn’t think you were used the way you should have been used here. I just hope to see you have success in Memphis, and I wish you nothing but the best, man.

BJ: Thank you, man. I appreciate it. Monty, it’s been nice knowing you, and I appreciate it.

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